By LeRoy Janssen, NACO Meeting Coordinator

The NACO annual conference has been held for several years at the Younes Convention Center in Kearney.  It will continue to be held there because it is one of the few venues in the state that can accommodate 800 county officials and over 100 conference vendors.  In light of that fact, Kearney makes NACO and its attendees feel very welcome.

Kearney Visitors Bureau hostesses work on-site to provide registration help.

The Kearney Visitors Bureau provides us with convention registration assistance and logistical planning, as well as encourages our conference participants to enjoy what Kearney has to offer. Many of our other affiliate groups have their smaller annual meetings in Kearney for many of the same reasons the NACO Board of Directors choose to return as well.  They all enjoy the free parking, the amenities of free wi-fi, inclusive morning breakfasts and the central location for statewide meetings.

The Younes Hospitality Group is able to provide us with a majority of the room nights we require for our conference.  With the help of the Kearney Visitors Bureau, the other nearby hotels in Kearney work with us and provide the remainder of rooms that are needed.

Younes Conference Center

Younes Hospitality and Kearney Visitors Bureau has provided service to many groups over their years of experience and are truly the best to work with.  It doesn’t matter if it is a meeting of twenty people or a thousand, it is a joy to plan an event because of the depth of experience and the amount of care given to every detail that needs attention.